2021-22 First half commercial geoduck permits will be issued at the shellfish office March 22-26  from 10am to 3pm (including lunch hour).  If you cannot appear during these times, contact the department and an appointment can be made to accommodate your schedule.

Due to covid19, permitting will take place outside the office when possible. This may add time to the permitting process, thanks in advance for your patience. Please bring a mask, you will be required to wear one should you need to enter the building for permitting purposes. To be eligible to receive a permit you will need:


  1. Current dive physical (issued on or after 4/1/2020)
  2. Current CPR/first aid certification (issued on or after 4/1/2019)
  3. Passing UA test results
  4. Puyallup Tribal fisher ID card with current yearly sticker on back
  5. Shellfish Department issued ID card
  6. No current court ordered suspensions or fines


There is a $25 fee for lost Shellfish Department ID cards.

Permits issued after 4/1/21 will require dive physicals and CPR/first aid certifications to be current on the day the permit is issued.

You are strongly encouraged call and verify your eligibility status before coming to the shellfish office for a permit: (253) 573-7992.